Banu Plasttic Containers

Manufacturing various types of plastic containers in Madurai

About Us

Since 1988, We Are Manufacturers of Plastic Containers, For ASAFOETIDA, CAMPHOR, TURMERIC POWDER, POOJA POWDER, CAPSULE AND FOOD CONTAINERS. We Also Manufacture PET Bottles for different Uses. Our manufacturing can be Customized as per Customer's Requirement. We are exporting our supply to all over south India. Generally, Most manufacturers are using AUTOMATIC BLOW Molding MACHINE cost around 15 lakhs. We are INJECTION BLOW Molding MACHINE cost around 40 lakhs, which enables us to satisfy our customers with containers of UNIFORM SHAPE, SIZE, WEIGHT and DENSITY. We always use FOOD GRADE raw materials and additives only, and CERTIFICATE can be provided from the concerned Authority if the customer requires One.